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Tournament Rules

The Following Rules and Regulations Will Be Applied During Tournament” Spark Open- 2022”

  1. All standard Badminton rules, regulations and disciplines to be followed throughout the tournament and any form of complaint shall be ruled / decided by the tournament chief umpire.
  2. In all categories, initially the teams will play league matches within the Groups in which they fall in.
  1. Point System
  • For all categories, the group matches, prequarter and qarter final matches are fixed with a single set of 30 points and the team who reach 30 points first shall win the match.
  • For all categories, semi-final matches are fixed with maximum 3 sets of 21 points without further extension. The team who wins 2 sets with 21 points wins the match.
  • For all categories, in finals, matches are fixed with maximum 3 sets and at 20-all, the side which scores two consecutive points shall win that set. At 29-all, the side scoring the 30th point shall win that set. The team who wins 2 sets wins the match.
  1. Group Tie Breaks are in the below order
  • Match Wins: The teams will be ranked based upon the count of match wins.
  • Wins vs Tied Participants: This tie break looks at the match record between tied participants. For example, if Katherine and Dave are tied based on statistics but Katherine won when they played during the tournament, Katherine wins the tie break. When more than 2 participants are tied, they’re ranked by the number of wins each one had against the others.
  • Game/Set Wins: Game/set refers to the sets of scores that are reported for a match. For example, in the image below, the score sets are 6-1, 6-3, 4-6, so “Player 1” has 2 set wins, and “Player 2” has 1 set win.
  • Points Scored: The total number of points a participant scored throughout the tournament.
  1. General Conditions
  • From Pre Quarter/Quarter Final onwards all the games are on knock out basis.
  • In all levels, the number of teams proceeding from the group matches will be decided on the number of the team registration and finalized by the Spark Management before the start of the tournament.
  • In all the matches the match umpire’s decision is final and non- challengeable.
  • The tournament committee reserve the right to change the format of the tournament, if any time constrains are there
  • Players are allowed to use only “Badminton Non – Marking” shoes only.
  • Only one category is permitted for a player except Advanced players can participate in both Pro-Advance and Advanced.
  • Spark management reserve the right to review the player category registered in and have the authority for approval or rejection.
  • Please reconfirm your registration between 8am and 9am on 4th March 2022 @ Registration Desk after paying the registration fee of 6KD per player.
  • Final day for registration will be 28th of February 2022